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Boh Runga

BOH RUNGA is a dynamic creative force. Not content with a music career that has seen her launch to solo stardom after fronting one of the country’s most successful bands of the past decade, Boh is also establishing herself as a Kiwi fashion icon, Boh Runga jewellery captures New Zealand birdlife and portrays it in the most superior Rhodium plated sterling silver to add quality to her finest designs. Boh’s creative partnerships outside of music also only continue to grow as now she has released 9 ranges of her Boh Runga for NZ Mint Jewellery.


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The FEATHER KISSES range, which is her best seller and follows the same theme as…
The BIRDLAND range features NZ native birds like the Tui, Kiwi, Kakapo & Fantail
The MESSENGER range which is an addition to Birdland
The LOTUS & THE SNOWBIRD range is inspired by the fairy tale about a lotus who dreams of adventure and of a mysterious traveler The Snowbird who happens upon Lotus’ garden home
WEAPONS OF MASS DEVOTION is a peek inside Cupid’s arsenal of weapons designed to turn the world into lovers not fighters
SMALL BUT PERFECTLY FORMED is a delicate collection with is designed to wear alone or layered
SOLID GOLD HITS includes the most treasured and popular pieces from across Boh’s Ranges all delicately re-created in 9ct gold

And her two newest ‘Elements’ Collections:
A DROP IN THE OCEAN is inspired by this quote from Mother Teresa: “We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” Mother Teresa

DOWN TO EARTH Feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel it bring you a sense of being centered and calm. Know where you came from and how this shapes you. But don’t let it dictate you. Meet the future with good humour and hope no matter what comes your way. Be grounded. Be kind. Be Down to Earth.